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Plant Obsession

I've recently become somewhat obsessed with plants. After visiting my parents for the holidays and seeing my mother's beautiful, blooming indoor jungle, I decided it was time I jump into the world of plant parenthood. 

I did some research ( obsessive pinning) and decided that succulents would probably be my best bet. I bought a few small ones from my local grocery store and picked up some pots from a thrift store. 


I was content for about two days, and then I decided I needed more! I wanted my entire window sill to be a lush, green mini-jungle. A friend of mine recommendedSal's, a small floral and plant boutique in downtown. I got my aloe plant and my tiny fern from there, and picked up some dried lavender from Pike Place on my way home. 

If you'd like to see my plant inspirations check out my indoor jungle pinterest board. 

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