Bumbershoot Poster.jpg


Bumbershoot 2017


An illustrated poster design



This project was done as a class assignment in partnership with Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival. The assignment was to design a poster that invoked the spirit of the Pacific Northwest that could be purchased as the festival by attendees. 



The drafting process for this poster was challenging but rewarding. After several ideas that did not pan out, I went back to the drawing board (and my Pinterest board) to come up with a new concept.

The final poster design included elements from the beautiful scenery of Washington. The style of illustration was inspired by Kiyoshi Awazu, a Japanese designer whose work used vibrant colors and thin black line and was popular in the 60s and 70s. 


Timeline: 5 weeks

Instructor: Andrea Lekson

Client: Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival


This poster was selected as the winner of the Cornish Bumbershoot Poster Competition and was exhibited at the festival as apart of the Cornish Poster Show. 


Final Design

Bumbershoot Final.png